Danger Of Cheap Surgery

"Cheaper" surgeries = potentially expensive complications.

We acknowledge that our surgical procedures are not the "cheapest" in town - but for good reason!    Often, correcting the complication is more expensive than having it done correctly the first time. We have seen the devestating effects of cheaper surgeries and the heartache felt by owners.  

Every surgery in this hospital receives the following:

*pre-surgical blood tests to reduce the risk associated with anesthesia

*proper suture usage. We refuse to use poor quality suture just because you can't see it.

*respiratory monitor

ECG heart monitor

*pulse/ox monitor to verify amount of oxygen in the blood

*pain management which starts during the surgery and continues for 2-5 days at home

*we will never ask you to take your pet home "sleepy" from the anesthesia -they
stay at no charge

*24 hour monitoring of your hospitalized pet

We understand that proper medical care for your pet can be expensive but the financial and emotional cost of non-optimum care can be so much more devastating for you and your pet!