Pain Management

Pain Management

Our utmost priority at Stone House Animal Hospital is pain management for your pet. We believe that at no time should your pet not have helping controlling their pain. This level of optimum patient care sets us apart from other hospitals. It also presents us with a challenge as pets are very good about hiding their pain.

Pain Management tools

We are proud to offer our patients the latest in pain management tools – lasers! We currently have 2 different lasers: the surgical laser and the therapeutic laser.  Each provide us with the ability to decrease pain in your pet! See the Therapeutic Laser and Surgical laser tabs under the Healthy Happy Pets section of our website for additional information 

No Cones!

Cones are used to prevent pets from licking or chewing. In our hospital, these will never be used. Pets lick and chew because the site itches or hurts. With today’s medical advances, there is no need for such primitive form of care! Using quality supplies and adequate pain medication makes the use of cones obsolete.

Pain Medication

Pain medications are a requirement in our hospital for every surgical procedure and painful pets are also given pain medications during examinations. We feel that there is absolutely no reason for your pet to be in pain and we pledge to do all we can to keep your pet comfortable.

Thank you for educating yourself about the need for pain management!