Pet Food Treats

Proper nutrition is so important for a happy, healthy pets.   Though we all enjoy the occasional junk food, we know to be healthy you have to eat nutritious food.   You pet is the same.  

Pet's digestive systems are not like ours - here are some of the key differences:

*  If we eat the same thing day after day, we get bored.  Not so for pets. In fact, switching foods can lead to stomach upset, loose stools, and vomiting.   If you do need to change your pet's food, slowly switching is the best option.  Mix a small amount of the new food into your pet's normal food and slowly increase the amount of new food over 5-7 days. This should help your pet's digestive system handle the change without problems.

* We know what foods we can eat, and what foods our systems can't handle.  Your pet may eat human food and be fine but the next time it's eaten, it may cause pancreatitus. This is an inflammation of the pancreas which is incredibly painful and generally requires hospitalization.  The best option is to avoid feeding human foods to your pets.  (Yes, we know it's hard to resist those puppy dog eyes!) 

* There is not one food that we can eat that will provide all the nutrients that we need to be healthy.  Quality pet foods provide this for our four legged family members. Remember, just like healthy human food is typically more expensive that the junk food, your pet's food is the same!  Cheap pet food is mostly fillers and will not be able to provide your pet with the nutrition that they need.  

A healthy diet can help your pet maintain a proper weight, have healthy skin and hair, and increase their overall health.  Eating healthy pays off for everyone!